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  Maxsurf SUITES

As of April 1, 2012 Maxsurf programs are no longer available individually.

 Instead, all Maxsurf programs are now available as part of a comprehensive Maxsurf SUITE.  Existing Maxsurf users will be given a generous incentive to migrate into a Maxsurf SUITE. 

At the same time, Maxsurf 18 will be available.  See the Maxsurf Modeler notes for more information about this and subsequent releases.

Product Name Changes

As of Maxsurf 18, all Maxsurf programs will be given new names, each preceded by the word "Maxsurf" as follows:



Modeler Maxsurf Plus
Modeler Advanced Maxsurf Pro
Stability Hydromax / S
Stability Advanced Hydromax Pro
Stability Enterprise Hydromax Ultimate
Structure Workshop / S
Structure Advanced Workshop Pro
Resistance Hullspeed
Motions Seakeeper
Fitting Prefit
Link Hydrolink
Multiframe Multiframe 3D
Multiframe Advanced Multiframe 4D
Shape Editor SectionMaker


Maxsurf SUITES Offered

As of April 1, 2012 Maxsurf programs will be available in one of three Maxsurf SUITES as follows:




Multiframe (3D) includes Plate Analysis, Non-Linear Analysis, Shape Editor and one Steel Design Code.

Multiframe Advanced (4D) includes the above, plus ALL Steel Design Codes, and the ability to analyze vibration (the time domain).

Maxsurf Motions Advanced was released in December 2012 with version 19 of all Maxsurf SUITE programs. 

For complete information about Maxsurf SUITE pricing, please inquire.

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